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Cromatek is ISO 9001 certified and meets all standards and quality requirements for Metal Stamping service. It also has modern equipment and highly trained professionals.

The Metal Stamping procedure consists in transforming metal sheets that are molded in a press.

The press applies pressure to the metal, causing the sheet to become a certain component or terminal. Always working with high precision and speed.

There are several common materials used in the manufacturing of Metal Stamping companies, for this type of stamping are aluminum, steel, brass, zinc and some others.

After the metal stamping is formed, the material is usually subjected to one or more secondary processes. After being molded, the metal pieces already molded can go through a shielding or galvanization process, which guarantees them greater resistance to corrosion and resistance to extreme wear. After this procedure, they are washed to remove oils and films contained in the stamped metal.

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